It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. What binds the characters in Two Steps Forward is an indomitable desire to climb their way out. Located in familiar Australian settings, this collection of stories brilliantly weaves together authentic characters and adverse scenarios. You’ll encounter battlers, underdogs and people who are doing it tough. Folks to applaud and causes to cheer. In this moving, assured debut, Irma Gold celebrates courage and challenges our notions of what it takes to be happy.


Featuring Judith Wright • Bill Gammage • Alex Miller • Marion Halligan • Les Murray • Jackie French • Omar Musa • CEW Bean • AD Hope • Kate Grenville • Roger McDonald • Jack Heath • Garth Nix and 62 others

Sparkling writing from some of Australia’s finest authors, edited by Irma Gold. This inspired anthology reveals the rich diversity of writing that has emerged from the foothills, boulevards and hidden corners of the Canberra region over the last 100 years. Follow the interwoven threads through this remarkable and revealing journey of Australian storytelling. With its mix of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, The Invisible Thread promises to captivate and enthral all lovers of literature.


Miscarriage is so common and yet it is an unspeakable subject. Women often grieve alone, mourning a child they have never met but whose future they have already imagined. It is a private, hidden kind of grief. In The Sound of Silence twenty-two women speak out about their experiences of miscarriage. These are stories of loss and loneliness, hope and joy, strength and courage, and, most of all, overwhelming love. They are a reminder to all women who have experienced a miscarriage that they are not alone.

Featuring Enza Gandolfo (Stella Prize shortlisted author of The Bridge), Rebecca Freeborn (author of Hot Pursuit and Misconception), Choechoe Brereton (author of A House for Donfinkle), Melissa Ferguson (author of The Shining Wall), Karen Andrews (author of Crying in the Car and Trust the Process), and many more.


What happens when nine ancient Greek Muses are brought together with nine contemporary writers? A Meeting of Muses shows the calibre of work that such a meeting can inspire. Nine imaginative pieces of writing on each of the muses that are lyrical, whimsical, sexy, moving—and totally inspired!

A collection of short fiction by some of Australia’s best writers, including Age Book of the Year winner Marion Halligan, ACT Book of the Year winner Craig Cormick, and Commonwealth Writers Prize winner Glenda Guest.


FIRST is an annual anthology of creative writing by students at the University of Canberra. As Managing Editor, Irma mentored the student editorial committee through the process of putting together three anthologies, Undertow (2009), Pulse (2014) and Blood and Flesh (2015, co-edited with Patrick Mullins).